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Kemp DT. Stimulated acoustic emissions from the human auditory system. Evoked mechanical responses of isolated cochlear outer hair cells. Science ; Howard J, Hudspeth AJ. Mechanical relaxation of the hair bundle mediates adaptation in mechanoelectrical transduction by the bullfrog's saccular hair cell. Hudspeth AJ.

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How the ear's works work. Nature ; Crawford AC, Fettiplace R. The mechanical properties of ciliary bundles of turtle cochlear hair cells. J Physiol ; Hudspeth AJ, Jacobs R. Extracellular current flow and the site of transduction by vertebrate hair cells. J Neurosci ; Compliance of the hair bundle associated with gating of mechanoelectrical transduction channels in the bullfrog's saccular hair cell.

Neuron ; A quantitative comparison of mechanoelectrical transduction in vestibular and auditory hair cells of neonatal mice. Proc Biol Sci ; Mammano F, Ashmore JF. Differential expression of outer hair cell potassium current in the isolated cochlea of guinea-pig. J Physiol ; Pt 3 Activation and adaptation of transducer currents in turtle hair cells. J Physiol ; Constructing a cochlear transducer function from the summating potential using a low-frequency bias tone.


Weiss TF, Leong R. A model for signal transmission in an ear having hair cells with free-standing stereocilia. Mechanoelectric transduction stage. Holton T, Hudspeth AJ. The transduction channel of hair cell from the bull-frog characterized by noise analysis. Influence of hearing sensitivity on mechano-electric transduction. J Acoust Soc Am ; 6 Pt 1 : Kim DO.

Active and nonlinear cochlear biomechanics and the role of outer hair-cell subsystem in the mammalian auditory system. Active hair bundle motion linked to fast transducer adaptation in auditory hair cells. J Neurosci ; Nat Neurosci ; Force generation by mammalian hair bundles supports a role in cochlear amplification. Jia S, He DZ. Motility-associated hair-bundle motion in mammalian outer hair cells. Cochlear electrically evoked emissions modulated by mechanical transduction channels.

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Nieder P, Nieder I. Some effects of tonal interactions as seen in the cochlear microphonic.

Determination of microphonic generator transfer characteristic from modulation data. Cochlear inner and outer hair cells: functional differences. Science ; Action currents in the auditory nerve in response to acoustical stimulation. Exploration of cochlear potentials in guinea pig with a microelectrode. Dallos P.

Response characteristics of mammalian cochlear hair cells. Patuzzi RB.

A model of the generation of the cochlear microphonic with nonlinear hair cell transduction and nonlinear basilar membrane mechanics. Outer hair cell current and sensorineural hearing loss. Characterizing cochlear mechano-electric transduction using a nonlinear systems identification procedure. Characterizing cochlear mechanoelectric transduction in ears damaged with pure tones.

Characterizing cochlear mechano-electric transduction with a nonlinear system identification technique: the influence of the middle ear. Deriving a cochlear transducer function from low frequency modulated cochlear microphonic. Korean J Communication Disorders ; Neurobiology of cochlear inner and outer hair cells: intracellular recordings. The response of hair cell in the basal turn of the guinea-pig cochlea to tones.

Intracellular studies of hair cell in the mammalian cochlea. Outer hair cells in the mammalian cochlea and noise-induced hearing loss. The effects of ototoxic drugs on mechano-electric transduction channels in chick cochlear hair cells.

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Eur Arch Otorhinolaryngol ; Suppl 1:S Bian L, Chertoff ME. Differentiation of cochlear pathophysiology in ears damged by salicylate or pure tone using a nonlinear systems identification technique. Distinguishing cochlear pathophysiology in 4-aminopyridine and furosemide treate ears using a nonlinear systems identification technique. Stereocilia bundle stiffenss: effects of neomycin sulphate, A and concanavalin A.

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Blockage of the transduction channels of hair cells in the bullfrog's sacculus by aminoglycoside antibiotics. Nociceptor and hair cell transducer properties of TRPA1, a channel for pain and hearing. Forge A. Structural features of the lateral walls in mammalian cochlear outer hair cell.

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Cell Tissue Res ; Prestin is the motor protein of cochlear outer hair cells. Nature ; A cytoskeletal spring in cochlear outer hair cells. Mechanisms of movement in outer hair cells and a possible structural basis. Arch Otorhinolaryngol ; Oghalai JS. The cochlear amplifier: augmentation of the tuning wave within the inner ear. Nature of the motor element in electrokinetic shape changes of cochlar outer hair cells. Huang G, Santos-Sacchi J.

Active processes and otoacoustic emissions in hearing

Motility voltage sensor of the outer hair cell resides within the lateral plasma membrane. Ashmore JF. Mammalian hearing and the cellular mechanisms of the cochlear amplifier. Sensory Transduction, 1 st ed. New York: Rockefeller University Press; Santos-Sacchi J. Reversible inhibition of voltage-dependent outer hair cell motility and capacitance.

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Elasticity and active force generation of cochlear outer hair cells. Iwasa KH. A membrane motor model for the fast motility of the outer hair cell. Charge displacement induced by rapid stretch in the basolateral membrane of the guinea-pig outer hair cell. Kakehata S, Santos-Sacchi J. Membrane tension directly shifts voltage dependence of outer hair cell motility and associated gating charge.

Biophys J ; Reverse transduction measured in the isolated cochlea by laser Michelson interferometry. Intracellular anions as the voltage sensor of prestin, the outer hair cell motor protein. Rybalchenko V, Santos-Sacchi J.