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Skip has been sharing his story with aircrew for the last 2 decades to drive home the message of the importance of wearing the right gear and being prepared because you never know if your next flight could be one that puts you in a life threatening situation.

In Skip was the rear seater of an AHA Apache that had just landed at a field hot refuel point.

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As they started to take on fuel, a fault in the hose pressure nozzle caused fuel to spray up into the rotors, splash against the cabin and into the inlet of the right hand engine. The accompanying vaporisation of the fuel along with the hot engine exhaust immediately caused a fireball to engulf the aircraft and continue to burn.

Skip and his co-pilot had to exit the aircraft through the flames or be cooked inside. Skip covers the incident and the steps involved in the escape in the interview.

Apache Fire Control: Modernized Target Acquisition Designation Sight/Pilot Night Vision Sensor

His story provides a big wake up call for all aircrew to revisit the clothing and equipment you fly with and have on your person. In a situation like this there was no time to reach for or put on other equipment. It also emphasises regular evacuation rehearsal as both Skip and his co-pilot in the rush to exit and confusion failed to properly release their shoulder straps, wasting precious seconds. Skip recommends Massif and DriFire as places to start looking at these.

Stay away from synthetics eg.

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Apache Fire (Zebra Lovegram)

The AHE variant was designated the Guardian and features an upgraded Longbow fire control radar, more powerful engines, and advanced avionics and night-vision capabilities. Army and other defense forces since the s.

Brian Harris. The first Guardians were delivered in and full-rate production began in Show More. Related Articles.

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