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Lawrence University St. Louis County Law Library St.

David W. Kennedy | Harvard Law School

Olaf College St. Hastings College of the Law U. Paul, MN William S. Mazyambo was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo where he did his primary, secondary, and university studies. He finished his law degree at the University of Kinshasa in and was admitted to the Kinshasa Bar the following year. In , he went to Spain to study at the University of Valladolid, where he specialized in European Law and wrote his doctoratorial thesis on international law, with a focus on human rights. He graduated with his Ph. D in He is the author of more than twenty academic articles.

He holds a Ph. He has published several books and articles in such fields as law, human rights, religion, and justice. He graduated from University of Zagreb Faculty of Law cum laude , where he obtained his first law degree. Law and Religion is of his primary interest and in that respect he participated at many lectures and conferences held in Croatia and abroad. Prior to his elevation to the bench, he served as the republic's Attorney General and as the Director of the Instituto Dominicano de las Telecomunicaciones.

He has served on various committees responsible for updating the national zoning codes and civil procedure. He is currently in charge of human right issues in the Middle East as well as freedom of religion or belief worldwide. He has also been posted in Yemen as head of a democratic governance and security cooperation project. Between December and June , M. His fields of research in sociology of religion are: Protestantism, ecumenism, religion and education, European religions, democracy and religious pluralism, secularism, and sociological theories of religion.

He graduated from the University of San Carlos of Guatamala with a bachelor's degree in law and received a master's degree in development from Rafael Landivar University. From to , he served as mayor of the city of Pachalum, president of the commonwealth's "Convergence of Eight," and President of the National Association of Municipalities. During this time, Congressman Garcia received numerous national and international awards for his public service including the "Hemisphere's Best Municipal Practices Award" presented by the Office of the Mayor of Miami, Florida and was runner-up for the Iberoamerican Digital Cities Award.

He was elected to congress in as a member of the Creo Party and currently serves on a number of committees including the Municipal Affairs Committee, the Housing Committee, and the Commission on Indigenous Peoples. In , he co-founded the Alliance for Change, currently the country's third largest political party, and was nominated as that party's presidential candidate in During his tenure in the legislature, he has served on the Foreigh Affairs, Constitutional Reform, and Standing Order committees.

Speaker Trotman holds a master's degree in international relations from Tufts University and is a Harvard-trained and certified mediator and alternative dispute resolution specialist.

International conference on constitutional law

After his mandatory service in the military he was admitted to the ELTE Faculty of Law, from where he graduated in From until he worked in the community of Eger Lawyers, first as a clerk and then as a lawyer. In , he was one of the founders of the KDNP political party and later Vice President of the party, then the president of the Committee of the National Bureau.

In , he was elected as one of the chairmen in the presidency of the Hungarian Radio Co. In the parliamentary elections he gained a national list seat. Since May he has been a member of the Cultural and Press Committee. Joseph E. David is currently working on perceptions of kinship and incest in medieval thought mainly within the Karaite and the Eastern Churches legal writings.

Public International Law LLM

He received his Ph. D from the University of Turin. He has clerked at the Italian Constitutional Court since He has authored two books, edited two books, and translated two additional books into Italian. His fields of study cover law and religion, comparative perspectives on human rights, comparative federalism, and constitutional interpretation. His research interests include the use of the trust system in an aging society and the encouragement of better utilization of adult guardianship. Professor Arai has also authored numerous articles and is particularly noted for his work in comparative law.

He has worked at Sogang University for the past 30 years, and served as Dean of the law school there. His research interests include the areas of jurisprudence and international law. D from Edinburgh University Faculty of Law. Before that he served as Deputy to the Front's President from to An educator by profession, for over twenty years he served as first Assistant Director and then Director of the Phonxay Secondary School in the Xaysettha District of Laos.

In , he graduated with a B. She was previously an Educational Administrator. He moved from his hometown Penang to Kuala Lumpur where he felt called to set up a community service which would concentrate on empowering lives of many people in need. Today, PSPK has six centers providing assistance, education, training tailoring, computers, etc. Henry Sandanam is responsible for the overall management of PSPK; stretching from the strategic direction and planning, to fund-raising and projects, to implementations of programs and services. During his career, he has helped incorporate more than one thousand religious associations and various Christian denominations.

He continues to serve as the legal representative of many of them. Currently, he is the Director of Impulso 18, a non-governmental organization dedicated to defending freedom of religion and belief in Mexico.

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Lee received his bachelor's degree in Law from Intercontinental University Mexico. D in Law with outstanding honors from Madrid Complutense University. He is the author of several articles exploring the interaction of law and religion in Mexico, and recently published a book titled Religious Freedom and Hispanic American Principles of Cooperation.

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  4. Vicente L. His work with various civil groups resulted in the introduction of an amendment to the Mexican Constitution to establish a right to life beginning at conception. For more than fourteen years, Munkhzul Khurelbaatar has worked to promote human rights in her native country of Mongolia, where she currently serves as the Head of Administration and Cooperation of the National Human Rights Commission.

    She was instrumental in both drafting the Law Combatting Domestic Violence and lobbying Members of Parliament to pass it. She also frequently organizes human rights trainings and promotions for law enforcement officers and the general public. In , she served as secretary to the Court of Songino Khairhan District. Deputy Director of the Department of Immigration since April From into , he was a senior level official in Mongolia's Anti-Corruption Authority. From to , he was a senior detective with the Department of Investigation of the Mongolian Police Authority. Choinorov Sunrevtsoodol was born in , in the Uvurkhangai Province, Mongolia.

    He is also the former President of the National Association of Democratic Lawyers and the author of many publications. Lindholm co-initiated and sat on the steering committee of the Norwegian Research Council Ethics Program from to He recevied training in negotiation, mediation, and conciliation from Harvard Law School. A Professor at the University of Lima, he is a specialist in property rights, contracts, and guarantees. He has developed specialized legal consulting programs for the formalization of property in Peru and other countries such as El Salvador, Haiti, and Egypt.

    He has advised the Ministry of Justice on issues of reconciliation and mediation. Julio Rosas has always been known for his commitment to serve. He is a congressman and a member of the commission of Justice and Human Rights.