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The problem is we intend to use the same domain rather than a new domain as we have a lot of extra work to do on client side. But we facing drivers problem for NT4. Is there anyway we can use the same domain name in NT4? Domain rename in win? After NT4 migration we need to migrate from Netware 4.

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At this stage we have some same user ID in Netware and Win We need to migrate the files with permission too. What is the best way to accomplish this goal? Please help! Related Questions. Migration from Exchange 5.

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We'll let you know when a new response is added. If you aren't a consultant planning to do this many times, you could well be wasting your time and aadding confusion versus just doing the job right manually for as many as users. Better yet do a non-production trial with select users and get everyone's password input on accounts before the final file refresh for going production. Please enter an answer.

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Reply Processing your reply I doubt you can get 4. Have you considered upgrading to something more recent? Such as NW 6. Netware 4. To elaborate on Bob's post: Don't upgrade NetWare 4. There is no benefit in doing so. A NetWare 4. NetWare 4. Just install SP9 for NetWare 4. Novell did not release a client for XP, and I can confirm that it did not work with XP and I spent many hours working with it.

For those who never had a chance to use it, Netware Connect allowed users to share a modem attached to the fileserver. It was great in the days of dial-up Internet access, as well as for sending faxes with software such as Symantec WinFax Pro. It was part of NIAS 4. Novell didn't want to tell customers that with that download, they got NetWare connect for free. There was really nothing in NetWare 4. Yes it was a nice software in the times, when you could only do online-banking via a direct dial-up modem connection because the internet was thought to be not secure enough for that purpose.

BTW Does anybody think, that the internet has gotten more secure since that time???

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And as far as I remember it worked with WinNT 4. Prindl Wallgames.

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Similar Artilces: NetWare 4. Is this a patch? Can this be downloaded and installed? John G. Further, versions of 4. I WAS asking about the interchangeability or non- if regular Netware 4. Can Netware 4. This is the last server we have to upgrade, all the other are already on netware 5.

Upgrading to NetWare 6.5

Can I just proceed with a inplace upgrade? What kind of service pack should I use on Netware 5. After upgrade do I need saa Just a few questions to make sure I'am on the right track. Thanks in advance Ger van de Kolk I did a 4. Migration from Netware 4. I use the MgrtWiz. This wizard give me the option to do a migration to Netware 6. Yes, i have a problem The migration stops The trustees are backuped The destination server is a Netare 6.

Also i updated the file nuwagent. Browser support on Netware 4.