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So I was quite familiar with large chunks of the classic epic poems; Boj na Kosovu , Devet Jugovica , Smrt Majke Jugovica and others — the soothing rhythmic cadence of the desetarac carrying me along one word or phrase to the next. One year I even starred as Prince Lazar in the school play, complete with a construction paper black beard glued precariously to my chubby face. So when the year anniversary of the Battle of Kosovo rolled around in the summer of , in a way it was nothing that out of the ordinary.

Milosevic and Markovic a Lust for Power by Djukic Slavoljub

Most notable was the massive celebration in Chicago that summer, which took place just weeks after my high school graduation. Some older cousins and a mutual friend and I set out for Chicago in a beat-up rental van from Cleveland early one morning before the sun was up. We drove west on Interstate 80 along the Ohio and Indiana turnpikes, through the vast cornfields of northern Indiana. There were hundreds if not thousands of people there that weekend.

I can recall being outside in the warm June air, deep into the night, in the back of some hotel parking lot, watching people drink, laugh, dance kolo. Maybe somebody playing an accordion, maybe not.

Milosevic and Markovic

After a greasy meal at some hour diner nearby, we all got to bed just as the sun was rising. The point of this weekend-long celebration may have been to mark a grand anniversary of a decisive, some would argue the decisive, event in Serbian national history.

After all, how often does a year anniversary come along, anyway? In the starkest terms, it may have functioned as a rallying cry to take back what Serbs considered eternally theirs, and to right what they perceived as national wrongs perpetrated against them by their enemies.

For me and my cousins and friends, it was an excuse to get out of town, take a road trip, party, and maybe meet some girls. What else was there to do? A decade later, by the spring of , on my birthday to be exact, another chapter in the Kosovo story would begin with the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia.

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Those first few days of the bombing saw protests across the U. Here in Cleveland there were daily protests in the city center on Public Square. For me, there were feelings of genuine anger at the U. But what?

Throughout those 78 days in the spring of , this fundamental tension gnawed at me. I thought of an year old nephew, a fresh conscript into the Yugoslav army, sent down to Kosovo to be fodder for NATO bombs. Book Chapter.

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