Manual Miracles or Magic?

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Alleged Discrepancies. America's Culture War. Creation Vs. Deity of Christ.


Doctrinal Matters. Existence of God.

Inspiration of the Bible. Islam and Other World Religions. In This Issue. The Widow's Son Mr. Evolutionists clearly see evidence for intelligent design of the universe and life — so why don't they believe what they see? See historical evidence and proof Jesus Christ resurrected from the dead and performed many other miracles, showing He is God. The fossil record was used as evidence for long ages of evolution, but does modern science show it is proof of recent creation?

What is the difference between miracles and magic? |

Jesus Christ warned that the Antichrist and False Prophet would nearly deceive the very elect, so who are false prophets today? What scientific evidence reveals about creation or evolution of our universe and the miracles of Jesus Christ. This material is extremely useful and provides a great overall picture of how the darkness blots out the Light!

It provides a great historical perspective on man-made religion especially for those who are not that familiar with the various religious organizations and cults. By exposing the truth you will threaten the power base of Satan and his followers.

Excellent book — definitely a must read for all people. Powerful leaders are spouting religious miracles and gifts given by the Holy Spirit, but are they real, or counterfeit designed to control the minds of the people?

Miracles vs. Magic: What’s the Difference

The last couple of chapters alone may be worth the price of the book. Would you like to learn more about miracles?

Magic and Miracles - Mysteries of the Bible

Rather, he is commanding them to be healed, and in recognition of his spiritual authority, they are obediently healing themselves. The placebo effect is the most documented phenomenon in medical history, and contrary to popular interpretation, it points to the pervasive ability of people to heal themselves. Materialistically, spiritually, or some combination of the two—the phenomenon is the same. People have a widely documented capacity for self-healing. Why wait until someone gives them a placebo? My argument is that this self-healing ability is fundamentally dangerous. For your own protection, you cannot invoke your own abilities without permission from a legitimate authority.

Miracles or Magic Tricks? Questioning the 'Divine' Talents of India's Gurus

If this is true, it means that at a deep level, your brain possesses the ability to recognize legitimate, pro-social sources of authority. And it means that this system necessarily supercedes the conscious, volitional mind.

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When a Doctor, Priest, or Rabbi blesses you and tells you to get well, this internal system may recognize the presence of a legitimate pro-social authority, and unlock various mental and physical resources. Like everything else, this system will be imperfect.

A Miracle Is A Demonstration of God’s Power

This system likely grants varying levels of access, to varying kinds of abilities, depending on the nature of the authority. This means that healings are evidence of legitimate pro-social authority. Jesus always claims to be operating on the spiritual authority of God, as validated through the community, by the healings. In fact, this claim shows up in the Gospels themselves—as his opponents assert that Jesus healed people through the power of demons.

If the community is being healed, set right, and made well, how can that be a force working against the community? With enemies like these—who needs friends! More to the point, if this was a destructive force, it was the most ineffective one in history. Second, If you reject this evidence of spiritual authority, what further evidence is left? Jesus tells his opponents that it is understandable to have doubted God who you cannot see , or himself who was unexpected.