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He urges unions to take up the larger cause of justice.

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And he challenges his own and other academic organizations to embrace greater democracy. With broad and crucial implications for the future, No University Is an Island will be the benchmark against which we measure the current definitive struggle for academic freedom.

Nelson Revolutionary Memory , president of the American Association of University Professors, tackles the state of American college campuses in a world of identity politics and culture wars. This is an insider's book in some ways; there's not much general public curiosity about the university's internal mechanisms of hiring, paying, and firing, but Nelson recounts internecine arguments for example, his debates with Stanley Fish and David Horowitz with enough clarity and detail to be fully accessible and consistently interesting.

Nelson revisits exemplars of the crisis in academic freedom the controversies surrounding Ward Churchill and Norman Finkelstein, among others.

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There's the surprising revelation of the impact of Hurricane Katrina on major universities in New Orleans tenured faculty were fired with scant notice, no due process, no stated reasons, and no appeal except to the very administrators who terminated them.

He addresses the issues raised by the massive shift to contingent labor graduate students, part-time faculty, and full-time faculty off the tenure track in the academy and argues for faculty collective bargaining, not mere unionization.

No University Is an Island

Nelson's feisty intellectual manifesto is kept rooted—and readable—by personal recollections, felicitous turns of phrase, and scrupulous fairness. All rights reserved. Convert currency. Add to Basket. Condition: New.

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No University Is an Island

The modern university is sustained by academic freedom; it guarantees higher education's independence, its quality, and its success in educating students. At once witty and devastating, it confronts these threats with exceptional frankness, then offers a prescription for higher education's renewal. In an insider's account of how the primary organization for faculty members nationwide has fought the culture wars, Cary Nelson, the current President of the American Association of University Professors, unveils struggles over governance and unionization and the increasing corporatization of higher education.

The book calls on higher education's advocates of both the Left and the Right to temper conviction with tolerance and focus on higher education's real injustices. Crawford offers a simple, original and practical pathway that lets readers see clearly the choices that lead to greater freedom and opportunity and those that lead to limitations and dead ends.

Saving Academic Freedom

The pathway, quite simply, shows how to 'get out of your own way' so that you can connect with your greatest truth and find the answers you seek. When this happens decisions become easier, opportunities become more visible and there is a greater sense of happiness, productivity and flow.

The information found in this book is valuable any time but essential when going through a sudden transition, rapid change or uncertainty as these times require a higher level of self management and greater creativity and problem solving skills.

Blending practical tools and techniques with a great love and respect for the Mystery of life, this book is perfect for anyone that is ready to let go of the struggle, open up to what is possible and experience greater joy, meaning and fulfillment. Add to favorites. Related tags.

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