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CubaSí: Rediscovering Celia Sánchez

University of Pittsburgh Press. Retrieved November 15, Retrieved November 26, New York: Monthly Review Press. Categories : births deaths Cuban revolutionaries Communist Party of Cuba politicians Cuban women in politics Deaths from lung cancer Female archivists People of the Cuban Revolution Women in war in the Caribbean Women in warfare post University of Havana alumni.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Product details Format Hardback pages Dimensions x x Review quote "This excellent book tells us about Celia S nchez, an early leader of the Cuban Revolution and a fascinating character. And she loved and was loved by the Cuban people. I was in Havana at the time of her death in January of and well remember the deep sadness it occasioned. Interests Section in Havana "In this riveting and eloquent portrait, Celia S nchez finally emerges as a major star in Cuba's revolutionary drama: a political animal, a management consultant, a historian, and of course, a confidante to Fidel Castro.

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I love the life of Celia S nchez, a life that was singular, sui generis, and true to its time of revolution and change in Cuban society. Stout's biography tells her story as well as offering insights into other revolutionaries and their contributions Highly recommended for readers and scholars of Cuban history.

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Rating details. Our customer reviews I was thoroughly disappointed in this book. When I purchased this book, I was looking forward to a well-researched book about one of the Revolutions leaders, Celia Sanchez.

One Day in December: Celia Sánchez and the Cuban Revolution

Stout claims that she was granted access to the official archives, but if so, she certainly didn't make use of this honor. For example, in one chapter she quotes a letter from Ms.

Sanchez to Fidel Castro, and, in the author's words: " Sanchez, but the impression of the author. Then the author states: " I am not an investigative author, or journalist, but if I was, and I was granted access to Fidel Castro's letters and papers, I would certainly take the time to read them. I also would assume that as Fidel Castro was waging a war when these letters were written, that that could possibly be the reason for broken glasses, and not "temper tantrums", as Ms.

Stout is implying here.

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Years earlier, Celia protested against retaking a final exam that her professor had declared unreadable. She refused to take it in protest of this injustice, and consequently was deprived of a high school diploma. In her youth, she organized an annual Christmas raffle in Manzanillo and used the money to buy gifts for all the kids in the town and surrounding countryside. Later, her kind gestures and tireless work would come in handy as she recruited people throughout the region to join the movement.

They helped make possible many of her accomplishments, from ensuring a constant supply of medicines to constructing a system of telecommunication among the guerrillas.

Stout reveals that they did consider the possibility of marriage, but decided against it. The Revolution officially triumphed on January 1, , when Batista fled the country and the Rebel army took control of Havana and began to consolidate its newly founded state.

Celia Sanchez — a crucial organiser of Cuba's revolution

For the next twenty-one years, Celia served in a variety of government positions while spearheading a number of her own projects. On a personal level, Celia never married and never had children of her own. Rather, we witness Celia both before and after that period of heightened stress and intensity, and are led to understand her as a dynamic and multi-faceted person who learns and grows through the course of her life.

While dozens of magazine articles, poems, and speeches have been written about her, few in-depth projects have been undertaken. The other biographies that exist are focused almost exclusively on Celia during the years of the insurrection, and they tend to deify her figure to an extreme.

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  6. For example, in her youth, Celia fired a pistol out of her window after suspecting that a man was peeping at her and her cousin. One of the greatest strengths of this book is the insight it gives into the complexities of an extremely volatile time. Readers are taken on a chaotic, intense ride through the development of the revolution and its effects on Celia from a personal, political, familial, physical, and emotional perspective. We learn about the pressure put on her family when she was pursued by the Batista government.