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It is a significant discovery, and proves how much we have yet to learn about this area of surgery. Cycling can keep the elderly as healthy as people in their 20's, according to recent research from British scientists. This March they found that regular physical activity in adulthood can boost T-Cell production, protecting against attacks on the immune system. The team studied senior cyclists , and found that their immune systems rivalled those of people 50 years their junior. It's long been established that our sedentary lifestyles are bad for our health, but this study provides crucial data proving that a more active lifestyle can protect you from illness.

New studies on a proposed male contraceptive pill have shown promising results, which were presented before the Endocrine Society in Chicago earlier this year.

Research from the Washington School of Medicine stated that the pill reduced testosterone production and halted sperm production. Unlike previous experiments in male production, this pill - known as DMAU - would only have to be taken once a day, and can lower testosterone levels to that of a prepubescent male. This research marks the beginning of a longer-term study before the pill can be considered viable for the market.

Portal Instruments , a start-up operating out of MIT, has developed an injection that requires no needles. Instead, the device ejects a high-pressure stream of the medication into the skin, reaching the bloodstream without the aid of a needle.

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Created by researchers at Harvard Medical School, Theraoptix is a new contact lens that slowly releases medication while worn. The lenses could be used to treat a variety of ocular ailments, including glaucoma.

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The lenses can be worn for a maximum of two weeks, and their drip-free medicine application could present a far more effective method of treating diseases of the eye. The findings suggest that use of Far-UVC light in public areas like hospitals, schools, and airports could drastically reduce flu infections. While conventional UV light is effective in killing viruses, it is also harmful to humans. Far-UVC light, on the other hand, is just as effective at wiping out viruses while presenting no health risks to humans.

This could present an important and new trend in stopping the spread of viruses. A team from Tufts University School of Engineering has developed a sensor that can be worn on your tooth, which provides real-time data on your dietary consumption.


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The device was announced in March of , and can monitor your intake of sodium, glucose, and alcohol and wirelessly transmit the data. While not the first tooth sensor to be developed, it does have the most comprehensive application of any similar technology. The device could be of huge benefit to medical professionals when treating patients.

A team of bioengineers from across the globe have recently developed new transplant polymers that can mimic chameleon skin.

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In addition to its host of adaptable abilities, the material could also reduce the risk of rejection in skin-grafting and transplant procedures. Revealed at the end of March , the polymers were specifically designed to mimic organic tissue, and reduce the risk of inflammation. Though still in its early stages, these materials could be a major breakthrough in reconstructive surgery. Researchers from Australia's RMIT University developed an ingestible sensor in January of this year that can track the gases in your gut. The device measures the gases in your intestines, allowing doctors and scientists an insight into the digestive system that was previously impossible.

The Discovery of Alien Life Is Coming Much Sooner Than You Think

The sensors could help to diagnose gastrointestinal issues way before patients begin presenting symptoms. It could also be an invaluable piece of tech when it comes to studying colon cancer. A team from Syracuse University, led by Professor Zhen Ma , have replicated heart tissue from pluripotent stem cells.

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  • Their research, which was published in March , allowed them to examine how certain medications affect the development of embryos. The team chose to replicate the heart as it is the first organ a fetus develops. Their work could benefit countless expectant mothers, and guide them on which medications are and are not safe to ingest while pregnant.

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    Their research was published in late March of this year. Despite receiving a limited parochial education, her anatomical drawings and theories about her findings heavily impacted scientific studies of early palaeontology. Anning died of breast cancer in Her contributions to the study of palaeontology went overlooked and she was relegated to the footnotes of history.

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    Recently, however, her role has undergone significant reappraisal, and today, the fossils Anning collected and sold are considered indispensable to the scientific community. Joseph ended his search there, but Mary — who was just a child at the time — painstakingly uncovered the 5. Ichthyosaurs had been found in Lyme Regis before but received little fanfare.

    Bullock displayed the fossil in his personal museum, drawing the attention of the larger scientific community. Anning continued to find fossils that then featured in various scientific journals and articles. In the 19th century, most people subscribed to a literal interpretation of the Old Testament. According to Genesis, the Earth was no more than 6, years old and all animal species had been created by God.

    However, to 19th-century palaeontologists, it was a serious question. Anning herself was deeply religious, as were many of the scientists who used her findings. In many cases, palaeontologists did double duty as theologians as well.