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The Punisher.

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But before he can be buried, the killer wakes up. This is the way the world ends. Not with a bang. Romero and The Walking Dead.

Dead of Night is described as a standalone novel, but the ending leaves room for an obvious sequel or two. Creatively, Dead of Night is a familiar setup with a small American town the site of a zombie outbreak, which starts off as a series of violent, unexplainable murders before escalating into a widespread massacre requiring military intervention, containment and other drastic measures.

Characters are recognizable stereotypes— Dez Fox is a tough-as-nails cop suffering from abandonment issues, Billy Trout is a reporter looking for his big break, Dr. Herman Volker is a brilliant scientist driven by revenge, Homer Gibbon is a deranged serial killer, and so on—but they are believable characters, supported by realistic dialogue, personalities and baggage. Pop culture references meanwhile, are up-to-date and relevant with social networking Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and viral marketing playing an important role in the plot. Apart from this, Dead of Night is the total package.

Post a Comment. Newer Post Older Post Home. I expanded the idea to include interviews with experts in the press, the clergy, therapists, and my fellow martial artists. And I tapped a lot of folks in pop culture, too.

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I wanted all possible points of view. Was it difficult to transition between the two worlds? Jonathan Maberry: Not as much as I thought it would be.

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Jonathan Maberry: I just asked. No one turned me down. I started with operators and got all the way up to Homeland Security, and there was cooperation at every step.

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Cops, SWAT, world class doctors, scientists…everyone was willing to give me their professional opinions. What was really surprising was how many of these people had already given thought to the subject, particularly in terms of how their knowledge, skills and professions would apply. That includes a lot of folks in SWAT and the military, and a whole lot of the scientists. I guess there are a lot of closet zombie fans out there.

I was given tours of police labs, did ride-alongs with cops, visited hospitals and even spent some days with SWAT teams. Being able to watch the pros at work in their own world is fascinating. You learn things you never would through simple research. Where did that idea come from and how did you get such a diverse array of talent involved? There were also some folks whose work I went after specifically for this book.

I put the word out through several online art forums to which I belong and soon I was being contacted by scads of artists. My goal was to do mini profiles on the artists so I could include their insights on why they used zombies as their inspiration.

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Did you discover any similarities between all of these authors, actors, and artists who have become so synonymous with zombies in the new millennium? Rather the reverse, in fact. Everyone appeared to be so normal. It left me with the impression that just about everybody likes a good zombie tale.

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I love a bunch of zombie films for a different reasons. Both are beyond worthless.

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Though there are a lot of great zombie books out there, many of them written by chums of mine.